The production of the enterprise is exported. Our enterprise takes second place in the world by rhenium production. The consumers of our commodity output are firms from near and far foreign countries.
The production of the enterprise is demanded on the world market, satisfies the requirements and anticipations of the customers.

Area of consumption of rhenium
Production of infusible special alloys for application at air crafting – about 60-70% out of total demand
Production of catalysts for oil refinery industry – 15-20% out of total demand
Production of thermocouples, thermostats, heating elements, mass spectrographs, crucibles, electro vacuum instruments etc – 5-10% out of total demand
RGE “Zhezkazganredmet” offers a service of processing of ill-conditioned (rough) ammonia perrhenate to the level of commodity output marked not lower than AP-0, rhenium content not less than 69.1% in accordance with GOST 31411-2009 Ammonia perrhenate. Technical conditions.
We are also ready to consider other offers to process rhenium containing raw materials..© 2005