Динамика производства по сортам
Area of application of products

Area of application of the commodity output Most large scale areas of rhenium consumption are:

Production of infusible special alloys with rhenium additives for application at air crafting – about 60-70% out of total demand;

Production of catalysts for oil refinery industry – 15-20% out of total demand. At oil refinery industry bimetallic platinum-rhenium catalysts are applied in the processes of high octane hydrocarbons production, which used in the production of lead-free petrol;

Alloys, containing rhenium, are applied to produce thermocouples, temperature regulators, heating elements, ionized manometers, mass spectrographs, electro vacuum apparatus, electron lamps, crucibles, electric contacts, metallic coatings, electromagnets and semi conductors – 5-10% out of total demand;

Osmium has recordable density among all the elements of the periodic system – 22.5 g/cm3. One of the main advantages of osmium – it’s very high solidity, few metals can compete with osmium concerning this.

Exceptional solidity, good corrosion resistance, high deterioration resistance, absence of magnetic properties make osmium alloy together with iridium an excellent material for compass needle, for axes and bearings of exact measuring instruments and for clock mechanisms.
Faces of surgery instruments and chisels for artistic finish of ivory are made of osmium. Along with the solidity, there is one more advantage of osmium – infusibility. By the fusion temperature (3000°C) osmium exceeds not only other platinoid, but most of the other metals.
Catalytic activity of osmium: its application in the reactions of hydrogenation of organic substances gives the optimal results. As a catalyst, osmium is applied in synthesis of some medical preparations. Almost half of the world output is consumed for chemical purposes.
Radiogenic isotope of osmium is absolutely stable and presents no danger in means of radioactivity.

Thus, the above said properties define rhenium and osmium, as a base for elaboration and development of high technologies for contemporary innovative materials production, on the base of metals and alloys, as metals of the future in the field of metallurgy of the fourth and fifth conversion, material science. This is the foundation of the fact, that osmium isotope and rhenium can step forward as perfect deposit materials, along with gold and diamonds.

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