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In 1973 in one of the sites of sulfuric acid production shop at Zhezkazgan copper smelting factory an experimental industrial setting to produce ammonia perrhenate out of flushing sulfuric acid was set. At the same time a corpus for production of rare metals was under construction, which was put into operation in 1976. .
Republic Governmental Enterprise “Zhezkazganredmet” exercising its rights as a trust management was established in accordance with the Decree #1292 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 28th of September 1995 and the Decree #278 of the Governmental Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan for management of governmental property dated 4th of October 1995.
RGE “Zhezkazganredmet” is the only in Kazakhstan governmental enterprise of the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Committee of industrial development and industrial safety, producing ammonia perrhenate, rhenium acid, metallic rhenium powder, rhenium staples and tablets, and osmium isotope 187. All the products of the enterprise are exported to the CIS and foreign countries.
Kazakhstan is the only country in the world, which has the unique raw materials, containing rhenium and almost pure isotope osmium-187, which formation is conditioned by the radioactive half-decay of rhenium (the period of half-decay is about 45 billion years).
The presence of high concentrations of rhenium and osmium (which for 99% is presented by isotope osmium-187), which form a self-dependent finely dispersed mineral – zhezkazganit, is one of the most important features of the deposit.
The aim of the enterprise’s activity is the activity, directed to the obtaining and application of new knowledge to achieve practical goals, decisions to concrete problems, and industrial economical activity in the area of science to process materials, containing osmium, rhenium and rare-earth metals, and production of these metals.
In collaboration with the scientific institutes of the Republic of Kazakhstan RGE “Zhezkazganredmet” is a center for rare metals investigation and extracting. All the products of the enterprise are exported. The customers of our production are the firms of near and far abroad foreign countries. In the whole the enterprise is a contemporary, science intensive and dynamic enterprise, which has future prospective of rare metals production development.
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