• Enterprise production
    •Chemical composition of production – ammonia perrhenate corresponds to GOST 31411-2009 technical conditions.
    •Weight fraction of rhenium 69.2%
    •Appearance: white, grey and light yellow crystals without any visible mechanical impurities, non radioactive

    Quality indexes


    •Osmium metallic powder corresponds to the following conditions:
    •1. Appearance – blue-black powder;
    •2. Chemical composition - ≈99.95% of osmium
    •3. Isotope composition – not less than 99.4% of isotope osmium-187. The sum of content of all the other osmium isotopes (OS192, OS 190 OS 189, OS 188, OS 186) - 0,6%
    •Osmium metallic powder is not radioactive and safe enough.

    RGE “Zhezkazganredmet” realizes osmium powder, with the content of isotope osmium-187, produced in accordance with the existent technology GOST 12339-79 “Osmium powder”

    Technical conditions

    In case of customer interest, the enterprise has an opportunity for monthly production of osmium metallic powder.
    Quality indexes

    The personnel of the enterprise received the experimental samples:
    •MINIUM (Pb3SO4)
    In prospective it is considered:
    •product expansion;
    •mastering of the new types of commodity output (platinum rhenium catalysts, lead salts, rolling, folia, alloys)
    The commodity output of the enterprise is produced out of industrial products of metallurgical production that along with the main aim solves ecological problems of the region.
    Governmental purchases
    RGE “Zhezkazganredmet” of the Committee of industrial development and industrial safety of the Ministry of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan lays in supplies of goods, services and works in accordance with the requirements of the norms of the Law of the RK “About governmental purchases” and Rules of the maintenance of electronic governmental purchases via web-portal of governmental purchases.
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